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The Kill Screens/
My latest and greatest band, The Kill Screens!! We do electronic rock/pop. We experiment with a lot of sounds, build it up, but keep it grounded. Check it out.
Matthew McCarthy/
My solo album from 2008
My former band, Playing for Audrey was a local Boston Alt-Rock band that played a ton of shows and really where I learned how to sing. Here's some stuff I kept from those days...

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Video Games:
JellyCar , JellyCar2 , and JellyCar 3 : I'm psyched to have done all the music for these great games! It was a pleasure working with Disney Interactive on this project. Download the mp3 files for the Jelly Car 1 music HERE
Video Game: check out video game outsiders podcast here. It's a great video game podcast without all the cynicism of professional reviewers - not to mention a great community in the forums and good people to play with online.
My brother's Boston moving company
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The Kill Screens
- Science Fiction Movie
Released: June 2011

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Don't Feel
Run Run Run
Matthew McCarthy
- 13 Songs

Released: 2008

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     Matthew McCarthy - 13 Songs     

Hum to the Radio
Fall Asleep to the Radio
Wherever You Are

A quick cover of the song Run Away by Ben Platt

The Kill Screens Album is Finally Here!

The Kill Screens The wait is over! We spent a TON of time in the studio getting the mixes perfect, and we're proud of the result. Thank you a million times to everyone who bought and reviewed the album! We've had a great response, with some really amazing reviews. As for sales, we've been charting well on Amazon since the launch - as high as #6 in our subcategorey for mp3 album sales on Amazon (#600 in overall album sales), and as high as #75 in iTunes under "Electronic" album sales. We're planning some videos, and to record new songs, of course...possibly some singles, an EP, and definitely another full length album. We have a ton of ideas, so stay tuned :)

The Kill Screens is an East Coast American Electronic Indie Pop band that was founded when singer Matthew McCarthy heard an instrumental electronic song by John Jacobsen on John’s video game podcast. Matthew was inspired to record vocals for this instrumental and e-mail his updated version of the song to John, a perfect stranger. Within weeks they started recording their debut album, Science Fiction Movie, and The Kill Screens was born. The Kill Screens offered a new perspective for the duo by combining the sensibility of rock/pop songs with modern electronica, 8-bit synths, and the occasional dance beat. This was a welcome change for the two, whose musical histories, they would come to find out, were strikingly similar. John and Matthew, separately, had gigged all over Boston, Chicago, and New York in Alt Rock bands, even sharing the stage with the likes of Third Eye Blind, Five for Fighting, and others. Fate and video games brought John and Matthew together. Their love for technology, music, analog synths, 8-bit sounds, experimentation, haunting guitars, modern beats, and lush vocals shines through on every track.

Songs from the album:

Don't Feel
Run Run Run

New Song: The Little Things

The Little Things (mp3) This is a brand new song and I would love to know what you think (email me!)
Yes, I know it's repetitive, it's supposed to be...think trance-like indie rocktronica. Does this work for you? As we continue writing songs to fill out the Kill Screens debut album, I'd love to hear what you think of the works-in-progress! Keep in mind these are unmastered, and early mixes - we will be tweaking these songs a lot in the months to come.

Download Jelly Car Music

JellyCar is now available (for FREE) on the iPhone & iPod Touch. Go get it, it's a fun and challenging game that shows off the capability of those devices for gaming. Also, feel free to grab these mp3's of the music from JellyCar. Song 1 is the main theme, the one that most people ask about...enjoy!

The Kill Screens

The Kill Screens is a new band, a collaboration between Matthew McCarthy and John Jacobsen. Though the band name is inspired by a video games, the music is straight-up Indie Rocktronica. Check it out! We have two songs just about done, and will keep updating these sites as more is written and recorded. The debut album is slated to be titled "Science Fiction Movie" after one of the new songs.

http://www.thekillscreens.com http://www.myspace.com/killscreens

Hold Me Up - A Song for a Short Film

Hold Me Up (mp3) This is not a video game song...but it's slightly related. A guy who liked the Geometry Wars song contacted me about writing a song for an indie short film he's working on, and this is what I came up with.

Based on the scene he described, the song should be sad (a man and woman torn apart by death) but have an uplifting quality to it, like there's hope in strength. I hope I captured the mood!
And I'll put a link to the film here when it's released.


All this time spent hanging on
How could you have known
What fate intended
Not once did I think twice
About how strong you were
Until it ended
Hold me up
Like the air in my lungs
Hold me up
Like the ground that I walk on
Hold me up
Like the air in my lungs

Geometry Wars Song - full band studio version

Geometry Wars Will be the Death of Me (mp3) - full band / studio version available now for free!!

Response Video Syncs up Song to GW Footage

Gadgetman007 did a brilliant job in this fan response video, he syncs up the new studio version of the GeoWars song to in-game footage and some really cutting edge special effects!

JellyCar game (xbox 360 live arcade / PC) now features music by Matthew McCarthy

The new version of JellyCar, by Walaber, is out now for the PC. The XBLA version should be out later this year. The game now features original music by Matthew McCarthy. It's quirky instrumental stuff, made to fit in the feel of this incredible game. Think Super Mario with acoustic drums and wierd noises.

Geometry Wars Will Be the Death of Me

Geometry Wars (low quality mp3) this is just a low quality extract of the below video file, from the mic in my digital camera.


Xbox360fanboy article about the above song/video
Joystiq article about the above song/video


Blue diamonds, I hate you
You're so slow and dumb
But you're always getting faster

Green boxes, I hate you too
You're so hard to shoot,
It's the one shape I can't master

Geometry Wars will be the death of me, oh
I desparately need a strategy
Someone post a video to youtube, for me to, get better

Waves mode, I hate you
You're relentless
And you had to throw in the green boxes

And Sequence, I hate you most
Smile achievement feels like punishment
For misdeeds in a past life

Geometry Wars will be the death of me, oh
I desparately need a strategy
Someone post a video to youtube, for me to, get better

Pacifism is a strange word
The more you say it, the more it sounds absurd
Pacifism, Pacifism, it's not peaceful at all
Sure you don't shoot, but you try to, kill em all....
It's genocide of blue diamonds yeah

Geometry Wars will be the death of me, oh
I desparately need a strategy
Someone post a video to youtube, for me to, get better
And I will thank you, personally, when my scores...increase....ten fold

.: ...it's far too late for some, but it's much too early to be so numb...